Day 24 “Renaissance…”

Creativity is a continual rebirth. Every inspired moment rejuvenates—whether a new creation results or not.

However, a fresh project invigorates soul. For us inspirational types, combining our art, writing, photography etc. touches spirit as well.


When “what we believe” transforms into visual forms, the belief becomes a little more personal, meaningful, and real.

I, for one, can attest to times when a keener awareness of The One who breathes life into human form resulted in a humble gratefulness and worshipful presence.


On a personal note, creative seasons have ushered in emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. Devastating disclosures and destroyed relationships form dark, despairing places within. Poetry provides a means of identifying, wrestling with, and releasing pain lodged so deeply within one’s heart.

The first touches of spring often come after long, dark winters of soul. Swirling with various art forms, we create, and write, and create some more.

Blog exploration: On A Wing And A Prayer

WOW! This site tops any I have visited so far in terms of multi-sensory. Enchanting photographs, music, and reflections draw the visitor into another world. This is a must visit!

Blog learning noted: I simply MUST have music!!!

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