The Tree of Life and the Hidden Element

There is a hidden element in finding God’s will. We never know for sure whether we’re heading in the right direction. We might feel confident about our salvation and even hold fast to God’s promise of eternal life; however, while we walk upon this earth, a certain amount of uncertainty remains:

“Should I pursue this career path?”

“Is this person the right one for me?”

“Am I spending enough time with my children?”

“Should I allow my teenager to go to that concert?”

“Is self-publishing the right path for me as a writer?”

“Am I getting in over my head with this house payment?”

Questions barrage us like an automated pitching machine slings baseballs at a reluctant batter.

Sometimes we need to make quick decisions as to which opportunity we should connect with and which we should let pass on by.

Recently, my daughter and I had a discussion about the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life.

She’s fascinated by the movie, “The Tree of Life,” and was asking questions.

I explained that there was another tree in the Garden of Eden. READ THE ENTIRE POST…

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