JoDee Luna’s Curriculum Vitae


In this hands-on course, you will learn about the elements and principles of art, as well as how to integrate the arts into your Common Core lesson plans. You will have the opportunity to participate in various art exercises. Join us for a day and let’s get creative. TK-8 (Visit to learn about TEAL, Technology Enhanced Arts Learning Project, LACOE)

Arts-Integration Lesson Planning
Participate in hands-on art activities, and then collaboratively plan how to use those activities to teach rigorous, art-integrated Common Core lessons. Bring your TE’s and get ready to teach or re-teach curriculum content in ways that engage students and produce results. TK-8 (Three Session Course)

The Power of Portrait Painting

This course utilizes the figurative genre of portrait painting to integrate art, CCSS standards, Cultural Focus, and Social and Emotional Learning. Participants will engage in a hands-on art project that explores voice, choice, artistic expression, short-constructed response writing, and speaking and listening activities. Also provided are scaffolding techniques, grade-level applications, and links to applicable Flocabulary videos.  Tk-8

TELA: Developing English Learners’ Literacy Using the Arts

This 5 E Lesson features a Día de los Muertos lesson through VTS, Visual Thinking Strategy, Día de los Muertos realia, Fluency and Reading routines, and academic discussion using tiered sentence frames.

Making Literacy Fun through Arts Integration

Learn how to make learning fun while teaching key foundational reading skills. This hands-on, grade level specific, course supports CCSS concepts and skills you’re teaching in Wonders through arts integration. Participate in hands-on learning that will accelerate your students’ literacy while making them smile. Grade specific classes for Kinder, 1stGrade, and 2ndGrade

TEAL Media Arts

An introduction to the media arts as a means to support K-8 student literacy using digital storytelling. Learn to recognize and understand the elements that contribute to a film as a story telling form, which will allow them to guide students through the process of film design. Suggestions included for individual and whole class work. Video editing applications and implementation ideas provided. Courses for TK-2nd and 3rd-8th.


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