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Golden Butterfly of Chiang Mai: The story behind Deborah Keily Hanson and my collaborative project, Golden Butterfly of Chiang Mai, is so amazing that I wanted to share her account with you read more…

“The Rose” was inspired by a promise/warning I received in my early twenties while walking through a forest in the Netherlands when I was a missionary. 

These words entered my thoughts: “You will blossom into a woman of God through many thorns, watered by your tears.” 

The thorns and tears did follow as well as the blossoming. 

The Rose is available on my Fine Art America Store.

A mermaid comes up and out of the water; her chin still submerged but she’s beginning to discover her voice. She longs for more than merely walking on dry land. She desires to soar in the heavens. But she doesn’t, yet, have what she needs to make her dreams come true.
When God’s plans for you go beyond your potential. When you dare to go to the next level, overcome the creative blocks that keep you back, develop the skills you’ll need to fulfill His calling for you. 
Sure, you’re terrified. Who wouldn’t be. You’re taking the risk that all your work will be in vain, at least as seen through your eyes, according to your own estimation. 
But just perhaps, what God wants to develop in you and release through you will have eternal benefits you won’t see until heaven. 
The invitation lies before you like the heavens do for a mermaid who can’t yet walk let along fly..

Reproductions available on my Fine Art America Store.

Be Brave:
Be brave when your eyes cannot see. Be brave when fear stifles your voice. Be brave when you dread the path before you. Be brave when trusting God is your only option.

I saw this painting in a dream when I was undergoing a series of health tests to determine whether I had a serious disease. I thought about all of the women who are going through similar experiences. Fortunately, my health tests came back in my favor. Not so for so many others.

Reproductions available on my Fine Art American Store.

Awaiting Spring is dedicated to those clinging to grace while in their waiting.
Seven Virtues was inspired by 2 Peter 2:-75. Flowers symbolize each virtue.
Welcome Home honors immigrants seeking to find their home in America.
Isaiah’s Portrait

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