Day 34 “A Rainbow of Possibilities”

Some of us “creative types” have prism-like mind. Artistic inspiration moves through our thoughts like white light separating into a spectrum of colorful ideas. What may seem to others as lack of focus, to us is a rainbow of artistic possibilities.  


I have always cherished rainbows. During difficult times, rainbows reminded me of hope. I found comfort in knowing the tumultuous life storms would eventually pass.  

When the clouds do part, even a sliver of sunshine passing through can refract into a breathtakingly beautiful sight.  


Last night I went to bed thinking about my daughter and the picture I used in a  recent post. I just had to include it again because the rainbow  is worth repeating.  


In my dream,  I saw her life full of possibilities like this rainbow. Regularly, she changes her mind as a new opportunity presents.  


With age comes the understanding that trying on new identities, career options, or artistic pursuits often results in feeling fractured. Yet, allowing our minds to bend opportunities into multiple choices we can sample is essential.  

Isaac Newton’s prism discovery provides the scientific counterpart of the artist’s experience:  

Light passes through one prisms refracting into a colorful band and then passes through another and becomes white light again.  


 This knowledge gives me hope!  


I can see life as a rainbow of possibilities but then refocus all of my efforts into a single project when needed.  


This morning I awoke to an email my daughter sent me that features a UCLA course for writers. The course description highlights the publishing world’s transformation due to the “Digital Revolution.” It emphasizes the need for progressive writers to become technology savvy. Apparently, literary agents and publishing companies expect writers to spend at least five hours blogging each week.  As I read the description, I chuckled at the irony.  


Over the last five years, I have often doubted my tendency to want it all. Growing interests in literacy, technology, and the arts made me feel fragmented in mind and in time. I rationalized that pursuing multiple interests  was like holding the reins of multiple horses pulling a chariot forward. Now I know this was preparation for become a writer in this Digital Age.  


So for all of you fractured writers slash artists out there trying to play technology catch-up, I have started making and posting a library of “How to blog lessons” on my other website Check them out under Blogging Screencast Lessons listed on the left side. I will continue to make them as time permits. I hope these lessons will encourage others making this digital transition.  

Blogging Screencast Lessons

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