Fun and Easy Salt Dough Art Projects

Salt dough sculpture is a fun and easy art activity for people of all ages.

I’ve made a series of free YouTube videos that demonstrate the entire process and are easy to follow.

The Salt Dough Garden Bunny video features the bunny in the photo above, using a technique where you mix the paint and water together and then add the salt and flour mixture. The salt and flour ratio is 1 Cup of Salt to 2 Cups of Flour. I love mixing paint into the dough so I can minimize the amount of painting I do after the dough has dried.

This Salt Dough Apple Tree video also uses this method of premixing the paint and water before adding the salt and flour mixture. After the salt dough dries, I spray the piece with Dresden Clear Glaze,

then use wood stain that I wipe off,

and then spray the piece with Clear Glaze again after the stain dries.

I’ve done this project with my young grandchildren as well and am amazed at how engaged they are. We use cloves for the apple stems and bottom core pieces. The leaves are made by forming teardrops and then indenting with a paper clip, toothpick, or sculpting tool. Trust me, it will keep kids entertained for hours.

Easy Salt Dough Recipe and Heart Ornaments is a video that will take you through the process of mixing plain salt dough to make a simple heart.

This Salt Dough Apple and Rose Basket in Color video features is a delightful project that will teach you how to sculpt roses as well as create a basket, leaves, and grapes.

Here’s the same project created with plain, uncolored salt dough: Salt Dough Apple and Rose Basket.

Check out these other posts for more salt dough art ideas: Salt Dough Art Sculpture

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Salt Dough Snowman Ornaments. You can also download a free PDF lesson for the Salt Dough Snowman Ornaments from my TPT Store, Luna Arts & Ed: Salt Dough Snowman Ornaments.

There is definitely something soothing about working with salt dough. This art form develops the spacial area of the brain as ideas are transformed into 3D art forms.

I hope you enjoy these free tutorials. Subscribe to this blog and my YouTube Channel so you can receive more lessons as I create them.

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