Parallax and Roto Brush Video Editing Techniques

I created this short tribute to my father using a couple of fun video editing techniques: The Parallax Effect and Roto Brush.

You can watch it by selecting the play icon below:

Parallax Effect

I created the parallax effect by taking vintage photos of times my siblings and I spent with our father while growing up. Our family’s favorite vacations included time spent tubing down the Truckee River in Yosemite and fishing in Wawona, Yosemite.

To apply the parallax effect, you created multiple copies of an image using Photoshop. Here’s a short tutorial that will show you how to Select and Mask an Object:

The background:

The Mid Ground:

The Foreground:

Then put each photo on a separate layer in After Effects to animate. Watch this video to learn how to apply the parallax effect:

Roto Brush

The Roto Brush tool in After Effects to separate the great-grand kids from the video background. Here’s a short video to show you how to apply the Roto Brush technique:

After Effects enables you to layer the parallax videos and other videos and images to create the final product:

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