I am hard pressed to decide between which form of creativity to list as favorite. So many hold an allure that I refuse to choose. Here are some of my “happy thoughts” and enjoyable past times.

3 Replies to “Creativity”

  1. thanks for adding my poem to your page. every time you talk about poems it makes me just what to right about right away

    thanks mrs.luna
    some much for helping me tell my feelings to the world
    love ic


  2. Dear JoDee,

    I’m a member of a wind band in Norway and 2 October we will be hosting a Masquerade concert. Being a graphic designer I have been asked to make the poster for the concert and searching for inspiration for it I came a cross the stunning image in your blog of the Musical Double Sided Mask. The score in the mask makes it literarily perfect and I was wondering if you would please allow me use it for the poster?

    Thank you in advance.

    Best regards
    Lise Skomsvold


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