The time has come to expand my online writing collection! My computer files fill with reflections, poetry, and manuscripts and yet most of my posts are primarily photographs with a few thoughts in between. So for you readers of books, I will start to include lengthier pieces.  There is something to be said for encouraging the mind to imagine without the eyes seeing.  




            Recently, I passed out a couple of rough draft manuscripts to several women in the family in hopes of eliciting constructive feedback. My mother was a willing volunteer receiving the one highlighting my path and passion for writing; a growing monster of a love affair that has virtually consumed most of my free time. One of her remarks amused and reminded that I needed to “lighten up” a bit when it comes to my writing style:

            “You should write ‘Selah,’ after every piece.”

            We both giggled over the meaning of “Selah,” pause and calmly think of this. This comment was soon followed by my daughter’s report on a day spent with her grandmother:

            “Mom, I asked grandma what you were like as a child and she said that you were very emotional.”

            Now I knew I was hyper but emotional? After accepting this new awareness, I thought, “Is it any wonder I have needed writing as a way to process life.” In spite of this childhood recalling, I do not fully understand when youthful journaling crossed over the great divide of life to become manuscript writing.     

            Perhaps the journey progressed during those “writing for recovery” days. This tool kept me sane and sober from the crippling codependency that threatened my sanity. Maybe writing passion expanded during those difficult single parent days when I needed to “essay my way” through college degree and credential. It definitely continued while working hard at my master’s degree. Assuredly, the practice grew as I discovered the power of daily writing for clearing away emotional clutter. I found an unprecedented creative release when I rose every morning to write.

            Whenever and however the magic happened, I am grateful that it did. As per my daughter’s request to write my life into books she can read, I have researched the possibilities of publishing. At this middle age point in my life, I do not aspire to become a famous writer. Merely passing on some of what I have learned over the course of a very arduous life will suffice. Along with processing some of that “emotional” energy I still possess.

My Favorite Writing Spot

3 Replies to “Writing”

  1. I too found writing healing. I mentioned to a friend who is going through ‘that kind’ of a time who is also writing, that it was healing. His take on it, at this time, is that it is painful. I gave that great thought and indeed remembered at the first how very painful it was indeed. So I now see him as becoming, he is becoming healed and I pray for that to speedily happen for him. I pray for that for anyone who is becoming healed. God’s speed to you all. I love your heart JoDee. I look forward to knowing you better. Love, Linda


  2. Jodee how wonderful and inspiring to me to ‘listen’ to you. I am hoping to write and share from the expeinces that have made up my life. Thank you…I can see why your friend B is so proud of you….


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