The Steady

It’s the steady that gets things done! Not the rush nor the worry, not even the want. It’s the set your face like flint, put your shoulder into it, press forward slowly, but surely, kind of tenacity that tackles the towering tasks. READ THE ENTIRE POST... SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave

Tenacity: The Power to Push Through

Tenacity: resolve, persistence, determination. I’ve been thinking a lot about tenacity lately: When I found myself covered in mud while digging out gravel and dirt to find a sprinkler valve leak (Hubby was visiting his family in Texas). When the printer I wanted (and needed) was on sale but out of stock at Best Buy, …

Barbie, Me, and Tenacity

There are times in my life when I do not think I can go on any further. During these dark seasons of doubt, I need voices of insistence to light the way. My best friend, Barbie, is one of the people who coaches me through those long tunnels of insecurity.           In a recent conversation with Barbie, she told me I was tenacious (my paraphrase …

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