Tenacity: The Power to Push Through

Tenacity: resolve, persistence, determination. I’ve been thinking a lot about tenacity lately:

  • When I found myself covered in mud while digging out gravel and dirt to find a sprinkler valve leak (Hubby was visiting his family in Texas).
  • When the printer I wanted (and needed) was on sale but out of stock at Best Buy, so I drove around town looking for another great deal.
  • When I couldn’t find a place to copy my media kit that needs to accompany the books I’m sending to review editors (all of our printers are on the fritz and my Mac Pages file conflicted with Staple’s printers).
  • When I finally found a place to print the media kit, and then noticed two missing words in the first line.

Tenacity: mulishness, doggedness, pigheadedness (Don’t you just love the animal references?) READ THE ENTIRE POST…

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