Hello world!

September 27, 2009

There are some things that money can’t buy!

With credit card companies hiking up interests rates, it is important that I get this right. There are some things that money can’t buy! Yesterday, my Aunt Linda and I had a discussion about our need to pay off credit card debt and to enjoy the simple pleasures of life that are free but priceless.

This morning I write from my patio swing enjoying the stillness. I have waited for hot summer mornings to mellow into cool, crisp ones so I can enjoy my yard once again. This stretch of time from the end of September, when the weather mellows, until November’s chilliness descends is one of my favorite times of the year.

So as I sit and write, I think, “What are some of the things that money cannot buy? One comes right to mind: sitting on the patio visiting with my family! 

Mom, Sue, and Gina
Mom, Sue, and Gina

Our family gathered together for my daughter’s “Going Away Party.” She leaves for Asia soon.





Elya and Stephen on the patio swing
Elya and Stephen on the patio swing

My daughter, Elya, holding her new cousin, Stephen, while rocking him to sleep on the patio swing is priceless and free!






Rose Snow Cone
Rose Snow Cone

Last night I was going through my pictures when I came across ones I labeled “Rose Snow Cones.” The clashing of seasons intrigued. My stubborn roses refused to stop blooming in spite of the changing season.

How often I am just like those roses. I want to continue in some pursuit long after it is intended to end. Money cannot buy such beauty and important life lesson.






Snow Cone Rose
Snow Cone Rose


Soon, winter days will force the patio swing to be empty again. Yet, I will cherish these precious memories and pictures. I chose to slow down long enough to enjoy my family; something money can’t buy! 







Last Year's Snowfall
Last Year's Snowfall





September 23, 2009


My world seems to be spinning forward at an unprecedented pace lately. In just one week’s time, my youngest daughter leaves for fourteen months in Asian. She will volunteer in a Cambodian school, travel throughout Southeast Asia, and then teach English in South Korea for a year. As I prepare to say goodbye, my own youthful past flashes in memory. Thirty years ago, I also left my homeland and family to live overseas.

Only now can I fully understand my own mother’s pain as she wept in my arms before we parted. Even anticipating my daughter’s departure makes me cry. Fourteen months is a very long time and Southeast Asia is a very far away place.

This past summer has been glorious spending swatches of time with Elya. We sit together talking and creating for hours. She is an inspiration to me in so many ways; her approach to life  is full of adventure and yet so contemplative. After viewing my newly created blog, she designed her own. I marvel at the artistic flair she portrays unique to only her.

In the midst of this madness of saying good bye, my other daughter finishes reading the first manuscript I intend to self-publish soon. The theme is creativity and how fitting that one of the most artistic people I know has granted me the honor of reading through the many pages. Andy and I became kindred spirits ten years ago when I started dating her father and our bond has only increased over the years.

Yes, one daughter leaves while the other finishes my first book. The manuscript will go to a professional editor soon in order to become a bound book. I will continue to write and process my life seemingly spinning forward at an unprecedented pace.  

Elya and Andy
Elya and Andy











Welcome to the world of JoDee Luna! I look forward to joining the blogging community in hopes of meeting other aspiring writers and artists with similar interests. I also desire to share my artistic hobbies and chronicle my path towards publishing.  

Perhaps my reflections will warm a few hearts along the way. Trying to pause long enough to highlight life’s nuances so often passed over while I rush around

5 Replies to “Hello world!”

  1. I love your blog! It’s fun reading your responses and looking at your photography and artwork. You should put more pics of your dough sculpture on the site. It’s fun to see those things (now that we’re not trying to make a living doing it, huh 🙂
    I love you sissy


  2. JoDee, thank you for sharing and how do I keep getting your wonderful blog? Keep it up as I love your “teacher comments” and it reminds me why I chose education. Unfortunately, my Careers in Ed. classes are extremely small this year as students nearing high school graduation are not inclined to pursue teaching as they hear about all the lay offs, etc.


  3. JoDee, just finished reading your blog about your daughter leaving & how difficult it is for you – this pain, it is one i know & understand very well. When I moved to AZ, my youngest son, he did not talk to me, return any of my calls, emails anything. Later he moved & did not give me his new address, & he got a new phone & did not give me the # – total silence for 8 months. it was like a death to me, & I honestly did not care if I woke up the next day. To be rejected by your son, basically, I just exsisted, nothing more. My brother & my older son saw what was happening & finally got through to my youngest son – he finally picked up the phone & called & we have since reconcilled. I fully know the pain you were discribing. I dont ever want to feel that kind of pain again….


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