Itchy, Traveler’s Feet

Itchy, Traveler’s Feet


October 6, 2009


Yesterday was a hard day. I was sick from a relapse with flu-like symptoms returning and churning into a chest cold. I should have taken the day off but I had not organized for a substitute teacher.

On the way to school I was lamenting my daughter, Elya, leaving for Asia in only a few days. I had driven to work feeling the impact of aloneness without her for the next fourteen months.

Grief swam around my heart in dark, uncertain waters. I could not shake this predator, only endure its force and furry until it passed on to someone far less fortunate in my eyes.

Then I went into the teacher’s workroom and found an envelope in my box. Once back in my classroom, I opened it to find an enclosed letter from a former student. The contents expressing appreciation for my input into her life released welled up emotions:


“Dear Mrs. Luna,

I love and respect you so much and if I ever had 2 choose a favorite teacher it would be you. You are my role model so I would always come visit you and forever be your smart girl. Mrs. Luna you are like a mother 2 me. So you will never be alone.”


Instantly, I knew that although no one could ever fill the void left behind from having my daughter so far away from my arms, God reminded me that His other children are still near.

Then my daughter, Andy, visited during my lunch and after school since she was substitute teaching that day. She dropped off my manuscript and went over her suggested corrections, which loomed before me like a mountain due to my weakened state. Her insights were helpful and when I am feeling better, will guide my rewrite; even thought today I am disorganized, behind, and weak.

As I drove home exhausted, I once again lifted feeble voice towards heaven and thanked God for gracing my daughter with itchy, traveler’s feet.


Great Wall of China
Elya on the Great Wall of China

One Reply to “Itchy, Traveler’s Feet”

  1. ’bout time you got on here….welcome to the start of it…maybe you’ll get farther on the maintaining than i have

    right now i’m reading toni morrison’s paradise and marveling at how she crafts exquisite sentences to frame the darkest moments of human existence and moral decrepitude so poetically

    i see how this woman got a nobel prize


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