What more could any mother want?

What more could any mother want?


            Yesterday afternoon around 4:00 pm the phone call finally came:

            “Mom, can your hear me? Can you hear me? Can you hear me?”

            Skype calls from long distances tend to echo. The call was broken and scratchy but I was able to extract all of the essentials I needed to hear:


  • We are staying in a hotel a couple of blocks from the school
  • It only costs $15 a night
  • It is clean
  • This place is amazing but very poor
  • We are safe


      With that the dreaded, “Mom, I’ve got to go…” came and then click, silence; brief, perhaps only a couple of minutes at most, but like heaven pouring soothing ointment into my troubled mind and heart. Peace returned. I continued sitting on the backyard swing where I had retreated in order to hear her voice more clearly. I wanted to savor every word until they were permanently etched into my memory.

      The day was cool, still, and now perfect: me, my Creator, and my daughter’s voice. What more could any mother want?



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