Day 15 In Search of my Blogging Identity “Tips for Pursuing Vision”

“I saw glimpses of the vision…and then the smoke rolled in.”

It seems we must work through the grind in order to live the sublime! Over the years, I have come to believe that creativity develops on a continuum and a vision worth reaching requires perseverance.

My eclectic creative temperament was imbedded by a mother who raised us with far more than art supplies. One of her greatest gifts was doing what she loved. Her sewing room always cluttered with home-sewn clothes in progress amongst many other arts and crafts projects. My sister and I remember crafting around the kitchen table as commonplace.

The poem featured on the decoupage frame reminds me to value my children more than any earthly desire or possession. The inspiration came when contemplating how my mother’s birth father abandoned her before birth. I could never understand how his selfishness justified never wanting to know his daughter. As a result, he missed out on knowing one of the most remarkable women living on the face of the earth.

My father and daughter

My father imparted determination. He taught me to work hard and pursue whatever I set my heart to do. When the time came to spread my youthful wings and fly, the desire to create always drew me up and into the most riveting wind currents of artistic delight.

Along the way, I have learned a few tidbits of advice for pursuing the vision to become a writer, develop art skills, and pursue dreams each today:

  1. Not all parts of the vision will be easy; in fact, some are down right difficult!
  2. Develop a fluid plan you can regularly update and change; rarely do expectations fulfill as desired.
  3. Timelines should be tentative and extendible; projects always take longer than planned.
  4. Network with others of kindred spirit; even if they do not share all aspects of your vision.
  5. Grow, grow, and grow some more; pursue and practice the skills necessary for becoming better at what you love to do.
  6. Prepare for diverse terrain; steady inclines of difficulty, deep ravines of loss, and lots of flat lands of boredom.        
  7. Finally, the sky is the limit so dare to soar way up high; I never dreamt I would one day tackle some of the items on my “wish list.”

2 Replies to “Day 15 In Search of my Blogging Identity “Tips for Pursuing Vision””

  1. I always enjoy reading what you’ve written, but this one touched my heart in deep protected places. First, the photo of the stormy desert sky ~ spectacular; second the photo of you, Gina and Dee. After my own daughters, you girls and your mother are my favorite women on the whole earth. Your tribute to your mother was so tender, a treasure for all of us who read it.

    Your words are interesting and well-written, but its the addition of the artwork, photos, decoupage and drawings that make your work so complete and appealing. Now, if we could just discover how to add fragrance and taste I’d only be one step from Heaven.


  2. Thank you for your encouragement. I relish feedback such as this. I also glean from your insights and will continue trying to create visually appealing additions to the written words-and I will work on how to add fragrance and taste 🙂


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