Day 14 In Search of my Blogging Identity “Synergy”

It was difficult to post this morning and tonight in light of the Haiti tragedy. Any words written seemed ridiculous while watching the suffering on the news and internet. After deciding how I could help, I chose to post anyway. During these times of earth-shattering crisis, I am proud to be a part of humankind. Seeing countries and people respond to the need amazes. With that said, here is my “catch up” post titled,    


I define synergy as those times when life experience, innate talents, learned skills, and divine opportunities come together for one wild ride.    


Now the official definition retrieved by my computer’s thesaurus states:    

  1. the working together of two or more people, organizations, or things especially when the result is greater that the sum of their individual effects or capabilities.


Lately I have been wondering whether menopause is God’s gift for developing synergy. Like multiple tributaries feeding a rushing river, synergy and hot flashes have this “riding the rapids” kind of feel to both of them.    


There are certain “things” that become intolerable when hormones wane or spiral out of control (“Things” is a lackluster word lacking style or soul and used on purpose).    

My sister, Gina, and me


I cannot speak for any other menopausal women but one. Turtlenecks tossed and clothing layered due to inner climate changes becomes essential. Loud raucous noises trigger flinching and sensations of someone grinding on one’s last good nerve (try being a middle school literacy teacher while menopausal). Doing the mundane or meaningless becomes depressive and intolerable.    


In terms of creativity, menopause is wonderful for facilitating synergy; the coming together of wisdom gleaned, talents honed, and goals identified. Your annoyance with meaningless living increases until the point that you actually do something about changing patterns. I found the irritability accompanying menopause to be a motivator for writing to process feelings. As a result of daily journaling, an amazing rush of new ideas ensued.    


This convergence feeds into the rushing river of your life enabling grabbing on the raft of creativity for one wild ride.    


My husband recently made a profound comment over dinner. I will try to paraphrase:    

“We were told to get a good job, raise our children, and set our own desires aside in order to do so; now, this is our time! Imagine what we can do if we purpose to?”    


Synergy—you feel the flow coming together for you. No one knows what lies around the river bend, but that is a large part of the thrill!    


Blog exploration led me to    

This blog explores the creative worlds of women. Check out not only the blog but their website and feature magazines.    

Finding Noted: I create both inside and outside; therefore, nature photography will have to be a part of my blog!

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