Day 27 “Right Turns”

Have you ever had a sharp “right turn” redirect your destiny? What you anticipated happening abruptly dead ends and the only path left seems disappointing? 


If I had a nickel for every time this happened to me, I could buy a motor scooter and drive through the streets of Uruguay (oh wait, my children and their friends rented them and did just that). These young adults always challenge my sense of adventure! 


Right turns always begin with a dead end. I get all excited about a possibility only to have the barricade appear before me. A choice then presents—either recklessly climb over and get lost in the woods or accept the directional change. 


The funny thing is that eventually hind sight always reveals how wrong that path would have been for me. Had I gotten the desired choice , my creativity would never have blossomed! 


I have been thinking a lot lately about what I want to put my creative energy into. A guiding thought comes to mind, “Whatever makes your heart sing!” My honest answer to that question is “the arts!” 


Doing what I enjoy may result in living a modest life far removed from fame and fortune but this troubles me not. What proves bothersome is realizing how closely I have come to pursuing paths so wrong for me in the end. Pursuits that temporarily derailed my destiny. 


I am simple-minded enough to believe one’s destiny lies somewhere in the delights of the heart.  For me, right now, that delight is blogging and designing my new creativity site. 

Recently, a possible literary agent decided not to represent my first book about creativity. Although disappointing, there was a definite sense of peaceful resignation. I need time to do more of what I thoroughly enjoy! 

So tonight I dare to link my new project simultaneously with accepting this right turn. This is a “work in progress” with many of the pages still under construction. I will be regularly adding resources so keep checking back to see the site unfold. 

New Creativity Site Under Construction


New Creativity Site


Today as we endure listening to financial woes on federal, state, and local levels, let us accept these uncomfortable right turns. Perhaps we will have a little more time to stay home and create!

4 Replies to “Day 27 “Right Turns””

  1. JoDee! Look at your photo of the blue door ~ there’s not really a right turn. If you look above the closed door there are three small openings exposing the promise of a garden beyond. Perhaps, just perhaps it’s not a “right turn” but to a door that needs a little more coaxing before it opens?

    Your artwork and photography speak so beautifully ~ perhaps you’re saying much more than you realize.

    Keep knocking.


  2. Closer inspection shows the lock on the door is on this side. All you need is a key and I think your just the one to create one!


  3. Linda,

    Thank you for brightening my day with your insightful comments. If there was ever a time I needed to keep trying to unlock that door, it is now! I am grateful for your “much needed” encouragement!


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