Day 33 “I See Red”

 Red is a passionate and powerful color!   


I love red! Red hearts and red roses symbolize love.   


“Redness” ignites feelings of loving life…and taking pictures to prove it!   


Yet beyond all the red expressions I am so used to seeing stateside, I found this vibrant color interwoven throughout the culture of Argentina.   


How can one not love a culture that sees red, lives red, and paints red everywhere?   



Streets look brighter with red buildings, umbrellas, and chairs.   


Family sharing comes alive while visiting in a red café.   


Outdoor dining seems timeless when surrounded by this magnificent color!   


Yet, red is also a powerful color. The power I speak of has to do with the human fortitude of embracing pain. Yes, red reminds me of my heart aching for my daughter who lives and works in Seoul, Korea.   


When the missing of her grows unbearable, I think of red and then write. I can gain power over this longing and put my feelings aside so she can explore her new life apart from me.  


Rainbows of Possibilities!


Red also reminds me of resilient souls who have lost and yet dared to go on living. I wrote the following poem for a friend whose husband died.   


Yes, red is sacrifice…the One who gave His life so that I might have life…and, assurance of seeing those I love beyond the veil.

One Reply to “Day 33 “I See Red””

  1. JoDee, I just read your poem…it made me cry.

    I love this “red” piece the best I think.

    LOVE LOVE your pics of your trip with Leelee and Josiah…


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