A Tribute to my Son-Happy Birthday Josiah!

Twenty-six years ago today, a precious gift from God entered my life. My son, Josiah, was born and the world has never been the same since.  

A page from Josiah's baby book


Josiah had a sense of humor as a child.  


Of course, his grandpa helped it along!  

Grandpa drew the mustache


He also showed promise of being quite a brilliant business man at a very young age.  


He was a brave young man (although we worried about him and sharp objects).  


"Really, I was just helping Grandma trim plants!"


Josiah was always a pied piper and a bit of an entertainer.  

Josiah danced in "Kings Kids" Amsterdam (a youth performing arts group)


This gentle-spirited boy grew up into a brilliant and caring man.  

Josiah with his bunny


Those who know him love him. Words fall short of what he means to me and thoughts of his past, present, and future make me smile!  

My precious son, Josiah!


When I am with him, I laugh, I think, I love…because these are the essence of his character. His wit, mind, and heart are contagious and ever-giving! Happy birthday precious Josiah!

2 Replies to “A Tribute to my Son-Happy Birthday Josiah!”

  1. Oh, Josiah! At 13, willing to spend a portion of his summer helping us move to Montana, guiding “the old guys” through the back roads home. As a young college grad absorbed in conversation with a Spanish-speaking great-grandma without concern for a cool image. Cool!

    Good memories, great son!


  2. Can’t believe 26 years have gone by. Josiah, what can I say, you are a delight, we love you and wish you every success in life. You are an incredible young man and we are proud of you. Happy trails……Love grandma and Grandpa


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