41 “Wild and Crazy Love”

Are there any other bachelor followers out there? (Yes, I admit to the vice). During the post Season Finale interview, Jake said something that caught my attention. When asked what he and Vienna had that was so special, he replied, “We have this wild and crazy love.”

From Rebekah and Stephen’s photo album

“Hmmm”…I wondered… “What is he talking about?”  Was it the obvious physical zing that swayed his choice? Perhaps this mixed with a light-hearted, romping romance they enjoyed? Did Vienna bring out a playful, carefree side that allowed his spontaneity to break out? Did she have an exuberance for life like my daughter, Elya?


I also wondered how this “wild and crazy love” would stack up against a love that has “permanence.” The first is unfettered and exhilarating. The later is committed and sustaining.

Great-Grandfather and Great-Grandmother Marrinucci

My great-grandfather immigrated from Italy first to work so he could send for his wife and child. The captivating story is better told by my cousin, Cynthia, but suffice to say, this couple lived the concept of “permanence.”

In this picture, my parents contrast “wild and crazy” with “permanence.” Dad is the adventurer wanting to sail off into the sunset while mom would rather be home gardening.

Mom and Dad sailing with Marty and Kari

Now I am going somewhere with this in terms of creativity.  There is a part of my artistic nature that wants that “wild and crazy love.” When something interesting moves me, I go all out exploring the intrigue. Going with the flow is decidedly the only option in the moment (like Jake?). As impulsive as this may sound, some of my most enjoyable projects resulted from a whim that turned into reckless abandon.

A tribute to my mother whose real father never knew who he missed.

This past weekend, impulsive creativity consumed my husband and I as we dove into a nostalgia theme. We sifted and sorted old photographs scanning them into our computers.

Dad, Mom, Frank, and Me

We had this youthful exuberance erupt that spurred us to run back and forth from our perspective rooms sharing a latest photo find.

Dad with his parents, Grace and Frank Cosola

Then by Sunday evening, the tiger inside tamed and I felt that familiar longing for permanence return once again. Permanence, for me, is marked by the desire to create that which endures. Permanence goes beyond impulse and motivates me to work hard at finishing something that is long-term and that requires tenacity.

I want to build something that others can draw courage and inspiration from. I want to step back one day and say to myself, “I did it! I wrote that book, spent time with my family, believed in my destiny!”

Gina, Mom, Me, Dad, and Frank



2 Replies to “41 “Wild and Crazy Love””

  1. Been there, done that, “wild and crazy kind of love thing”….I will take the “committed and sustaining” kind thank you. B


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