That was then…this is now!

I haven’t had time to post lately. Working life has been all-consuming. Going back into the classroom after two weeks of spring break was intense. All I want to do in the evenings is sort, scan, edit, and savor photos of my children growing up. When the house rests quiet, years flood back to heart and mind through the precious photos that I find.    

That was then…    

How fortunate my children were to have a grandpa to read books with them!


This picture reminds me of why my children grew up loving to read. This was taken during one of Grandpa’s visits with us in Amsterdam. He read “The Wonderful World” to them and the desire to travel the word seeded in their hearts.    

This is now…    

Elya's wanderlust now takes her to countries around the world.


I cannot help but marvel at the opportunities my children have had and feel saddened by the few experienced by my literacy students. So many did not have anyone to sit and read to them when they were small. I wonder if they will ever be able to venture out into the world.    

That was then…    

Elya used to love scarves and hats...she still does!


An adventure for Elya was perfect as long as she had her grandparents by her side. This is now…    

I watch the movie, she goes to the place!


She is not afraid to travel the world. Although I miss her so much, seeing the happiness radiating from her face in this photo makes all of the longing worthwhile.    

That was then…    

Elya talking to Grandpa and Grandma


My children used to stay connected with their family via telephone. This is now…    

Skyping my precious girl!


Elya waits patiently while I take a picture of her face on the computer screen. I just needed to savor the moment after that dreaded, “Got to go, Mom!”    

That was then…    

Elya descending the stairs in our Amsterdam apartment


She used to feel so strong and all grown up climbing up and down those stairs. This is now…    

Elya at the Coliseum


Strength comes in different forms.    

That was then…    

My precious son at play


I look into Josiah’s baby face in this picture and try to remember what it was like back then. He was a “mama’s boy,” so attached and clingy.    

This is now…    

Monique and Josiah in a cafe in Uruguay


I enjoy the gift of an independent son and his precious girlfriend, Monique.    

That was then…    

Josiah in a Napa Valley vineyard


Josiah used to love exploring the vineyards with grandpa and poising for pictures. 

This is now…    

Josiah in Uruguay


Did you notice the same stance? Josiah has a fruitful life full of friends. He works for a business consulting firm and enjoys the privilege of traveling to other states and countries.    

Yes, the years have gone by faster than I ever expected. Now I wait for those phone calls and savor every word spoken…that was then…    

Elya and Josiah and Grandpa and Grandma's house


This is now!    

My precious children!

6 Replies to “That was then…this is now!”

  1. Wow! I’m jealous of your kids! I love to travel, and I think it’s so great that you support them in their adventures 🙂


  2. It must be fun to compare what it was like then and now. I am still in the diaper chaning stage, but I understand how these precious moments will be gone forever soon enough.


    1. Funny thing, when you are in the diaper changing stage, you never dream that one day you will get misty-eyed over pictures of when your children were young. Then before you know it, they are gone…you will be so glad that you cherished these moments!


  3. Each moment you invest and enjoy now deepens the richness of those memories. Packing to move (once again!) reminds me that I don’t need all the “stuff” to trigger those memories. All I really have to do is quiet my spirit and, like a glass of champagne the sweet memories bubble to the top.

    I think we’ve just share time and a champagne experience together! Thank you.


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