#53 Top Ten Unforgettable Comments

In search of my blogging identity quest post #53 is my “Top Ten most Unforgettable Comments” spoken to me over the years. They have all formed a part of who I am today. Some still make me cringe while others chuckle. I cannot believe some of the things  people have said on one hand and on the other, gratefulness fills my heart for the redemptive words:   

Does that look like a little girl who makes dogs nervous?


#1 “You make Mrs. ____’s dogs nervous.” This was spoken to me by a childhood friend when she told me that an elderly lady I used to visit didn’t want me to come back again (names withheld). WOW! This should have been my first indicator that I was high-strung. I keep this comment around for sport. Whenever someone compares me to the Ever Ready Bunny, full of endless compulsive energy, I return with…”Did you know I also make people’s dogs nervous?”   

#2 “If you don’t get an A on this paper, I’ll hang you up by your thumbs!” This is an all-time most memorable elementary school comment spoken by my third grade teacher. Is it any wonder I’m a compulsive perfectionist?   

I'd rather see fish hung than me by my thumbs!


#3 “If your metabolism ever changes, you’ll weigh 2oo pounds.” There’s a real beauty regularly snarled from my obsess grandmother while she observed me raiding the pantry. It didn’t temper my eating habits. I just learned to hide it better.   

#4 “I think you should join the school band!” I could barely hear this comment from my 6th grade teacher when he called me outside to talk to me. I was crying hysterically because I thought I was in trouble. What I finally heard was “I believe in you!” He is my favorite teacher of all times!   

#5 “Your breasts would look better up here.” (Picture person’s hands lifting to appropriate spot) Can you believe this one? I won’t even grace this comment with a name attached,  jerk! I eventually took care of this for my own reasons but thanks for the suggestion just the same (NOT!)   

#6 “You’re going to be ok!” I heard this one from my first SANON hotline conversation. It was spoken by my soon-to-be angel of a sponsor, Mary. This comment kept me from going over the edge into insanity.   

#7 “Striving for progress not perfection.” I heard this repeatedly for years while sitting in Twelve Step groups, talking to group members on the phone, and during those “crazies” when my sponsor would talk me down off the ledge.   

#8 “Keep your powder dry!” My favorite Mom comment repeated whenever I feel caged, crazy, and crushed. Mom reminds me that I have what it takes to fight back. Her encouragement keeps the tears out of my amo.   


#9 “It’s not either or but more or less.” This is my all-time favorite Dad comment. These words make me retreat from that black and white thinking that paralyzes me and instead move towards trying “a little more of what works.”   

#10 “Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your path straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6  

I qualify this scripture as my top comment! If I had a nickel for every time it kept me from discouragement and despair when the way blurred, I would be a wealthy woman… well at least a whole lot better off financially. I often think I have figured out my path and then the deadend and right turn happens. I really need to trust in a “Higher Power.” -AA   

So there you have them, my top ten comments. As far as my blogging identity quest, this post introduces an occasional diversion from my regular photography filled posts. I want to dare to write a little more honestly. I would also LOVE for my readers to leave some of their favorite comments spoken to them!

11 Replies to “#53 Top Ten Unforgettable Comments”

    1. And I thank you for the encouragement. That post was scary for me but my husband and best friend have been encouraging me to take more risks with my writing.


  1. Oh, dear JoDee! You have once again opened one of Pandora’s boxes! So often just a few words at the right time and place and heard by the right people, will have very long-lived consequences.

    My 3rd grade report card was not letter-graded but contained short comments from the teacher on each subject. On “music” we had formed a choir. My teacher’s comment was “What Linda lacks in talent she makes up in enthusiasm”. Humiliated, I determined never to sing in public again. When I later learned that God expects us to “make a joyful noise” I forgave my teacher and thanked God for the “noisy gift”!!

    I still don’t sing in public unless I can be next to your mother!

    This is one of my favorites. You wrote conversationally, as though we were just having coffee and remembering. Keep up your excellent work!!


    1. Oh Linda, your comment really hit home on the singing issue. I also had a humiliating experience with a former boyfriend criticizing my voice and I don’t like to sing in public to this day. How interesting that teachers and significant others can forever brand our hearts with insecurities! Thank you for encouraging me to take writing risks!


  2. This is such a great idea for a post (and I may steal it from you some day if you don’t mind). I can’t believe that jerk said that to you about your boobs! I would have kicked him.


    1. You go right ahead and steal any ideas for posts that I generate. It would make me smile to know that another blogger used the formats. Can you believe someone could say something so degrading?


    That pic of you holding (Daisy?) was that her name? Can’t remember! ha ha ha ha ha ha! LOVE IT!, and look at Gina!! I remember you telling me that about making ??? ‘s dog nervous…..
    The boob comment? I know who did that!! Glad they finally got their just rewards….you shoulda said, “If your “face” could just be moved around here to the back of your head” “and covered up by your hair” “you would no longer be so UGLY”….. sorry…trying not to be a hater! ha ha ha ha ha!

    My favorite comment made about me was……
    “Your friend Barbie is like a chipmunk on vitamins”


    1. You made me laugh so hard I cried. I so wish I would have used that come back! You should post your own top Ten Comments. Maybe we found each other because we were like to “chipmunks on vitamins?” PS. the dog was named Tootsie and she lived while we were friends.


  4. Wonderful idea for a post JoDee. It was interesting hearing what impacted you, and started me thinking as to what might may my own list.

    On your #1, I consider myself a dog person, but the in-laws dogs cannot stand me. They have had them for a couple of years now and one of the Boston’s will wait for an opportunity when I am helping one of the kids for a sneak attack bite on my read end or leg. At least they don’t think there is something sketchy about me (according to the new K-9s) because I was best buddies with the 4 old dogs that they previously owned–one Boston terrier, 2 rescue Greyhounds, and a mix.

    On your #8, that is a useful saying that I have not heard used enough.


    1. Funny you should mention family dog attacks. My niece’s dog tries to bite my mom and I for no reason. I could add, “I make dogs angry???” Feel free to create your own list. It would be fun to see what others put on their lists.


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