Codependent Cake

What if all of life’s oddities and perplexities could be processed through making pies, cakes, and other delectable treats? After watching “The Waitress,” starring Kari Russell, my husband, best friend, and I started creating our own “Recipes for Living.”  

This romantic comedy features an unhappy waitress from the “deep South” who processes her pain through baking pies. So here goes recipe number one for you to enjoy in hopes that other bloggers will create their own.  

Disclaimer: All recipes must be read with a southern drawl to stay in the spirit of the movie. In fact, I strongly recommend you rent and watch “The Waitress” before reading any further!!!  

Codependent Cake  

Mix Together:  

  • 1 bowl full of “Never Say No” (I don’t know how much. How big is your bowl?)
  • 4 scoops of “Say What you Don’t Mean”
  • Keep 5 cups of “What you Really Feel” in the cupboard 
  • 10 tablespoons of “Take on More than you can Handle”
  • 5 handfuls of “Family Needs”
  • 10 “Home-cooked Meals a Week”


Stir In:  

  • 25 hours of “Time on the Phone with People in Crisis”
  • 20 ungrateful attitudes of middle school students you teach

Pour into a cake pan until the batter is running over the sides
Dust lightly with “Time for Yourself” so as the cake bakes, you cannot see the sprinkles  

Puncture cooked cake with “Criticism from Cantankerous Colleagues”
Drizzle backstabbing, lowdown, plain old mean syrup into the holes
Allow 1 week after cake is baked for “Illness Onset”
Watch everyone else eat the cake from your sickbed  

*(Substitutions for ingredients suggested depending upon lifestyle demands)  

For all of you obsessive givers and compulsive multi-taskers, check out my recent post “The Fine Art of Plate Twirling” on  

A post about trying to do it all artistically!

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