“Poor Me Pie!” Another recipe to live by…

How about another recipe? This one is for all of us who are feeling sorry for ourselves for whatever reason; however, I especially dedicate it to all of us educators bracing for pay cuts.      

Not from pie but loved the pic! My great-nephew had a little too much of a good thing at his first birthday party!


Before you read any further, here is a disclaimer included in the first recipe post: All recipes must be read with a southern drawl to stay in the spirit of the movie, “The Waitress” http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0473308/.      


Poor Me Pie      

 1 cup of tear drops to wet the inside of a dry bowl      

  • Mash one $50,000 home equity loan statement used to pay for your kids education into a fine pulp
  • Shred a $5,000 credit card bill from all of your business tries into fine strips and add
  • Pour in 3 cups of “Worry All Night about Finances” and stir vigorously
  • Apply 2 tbsp. of the paste to closed eyelids and try to take a nap while the mixture settles

In one hour:      

Bake at 500 degrees while standing over the oven door cracked open so as to incite a fumin and a fussin frenzy. Dance wildly around the kitchen screaming out frustrations. When the pie is all cooked up, slice into wafers and chuck out across an open pond or pelt at stray dogs—the human or animal kind.      

Rebekah (my niece), Stephen, and Me


Here is another random piece of information. Have you had a chance to check out my last post on www.refrainfromtheidentical.com? If not, here it is The Glorious Muse we Write to…      

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