Will Dance for Comments Part II

I did it..went back for some more! Yesterday’s dance rehearsal pleasantly surprised me going better than expected. As fellow blogger Slam Dunks so poetically put it, I was “able to crush a few of those mental monsters lingering around.”     


I thought about this creative quip while ascending the stairs of the Cedar Street Performing Academy.     


I also remembered what my best friend recently said, and I paraphrase, “JoDee, I’ve never known you to be afraid of dancing. When did this happen?”     

Me, Wilbert, and Rhonie dancing in some foreign country


She was right! How could I have forgotten all of those dance experiences?     

Me, Sherri, and Barbie (my best friend)


So armed with memories of those missing dance years, I entered Studio A ready to stomp and crush my “monsters of the mind.”     


I remembered most of the choreography and left sweaty but confident. It felt good to conquer my fears…at least until I have to get on that stage.     

Monster Stomping Rocks!

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