Weekend Excursion

This past weekend’s excursion to Napa Valley, San Francisco, and Carmel far surpassed my expectations. My husband, Justin, and I set out to make the most of a long weekend and packed two days full of fun. The first stop was Vallejo, California for the Pirate’s Festival.    

 Camera’s slung around our necks, we delighted in capturing unique people and images.   


Next, we headed to the beautiful Napa Valley to explore wine country.   


I found it difficult to choose which pictures to include from the hundreds of ones we took. I chose this next picture because I was so happy standing in that vineyard at the Castello di Amorosa taking pictures of poppies and vines. I guess it doesn’t take much to entertain me.   


This was a vineyard worth visiting. Everywhere you looked there was beauty.   


The visitors ventured back into the past filled days of castles.   

We stopped for lunch at V. Sattui Winery. The winery hosted a barbeque celebration for Father’s Day and the food was delicious.   


We had lunch at the V.Sattui Winery


This winery has a beautiful picnic area nestled in front of the quaint stone buildings.   


The following day we ventured to San Francisco. The weather was perfect and we enjoyed a boat ride under the Golden Gate Bridge.   


I had to chuckle at the seals lounging in the sun. We could do with some more relaxation.   


One of our stops on the way home was the enchanting city of Carmel.   


I know this is only a visual taste of each amazing place but more posts highlighting these locations will follow.   


What a whirlwind mini vacation we had driving until after 2:00 am last night. Today I am exhausted but happy. Most of all, Justin and I are determined to do this more often. Life is far too short not to relish these times away together.   

6 Replies to “Weekend Excursion”

  1. What incredible photos – I wish I was there!! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time. Thanks for letting us have a peek 🙂



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