Baby Steps

Growth steps do not have to be big in order to count. In fact, my most prized achievements resulted from taking those “baby steps.” I borrowed the concept from the hilarious movie “What about Bob,” starring Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss. This movie is a must for learning how to laugh at your eccentric tendencies as you watch the neurotic behavior of the main character, Bob Wiley.       

Taking “baby steps” enabled me to finish a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies degree, a Professional Clear Multiple Subject Credential, and a Master of Arts in Education: Curriculum and Instruction. Although at times, the climb seemed more like scaling a vertical rock face than taking baby steps.     

I vividly remember working as a hairdresser while completing my bachelors degree. Every time I entered the beauty salon, I would look at a poster my boss, Job, had hanging in the cubicle where I worked. The photo was of a climber scaling a rock and underneath the words said, “God give me mountains to climb and the strength for climbing.” I already had the mountain as a poor, single mother, I just needed the “strength for climbing.”     

Even though I know I accomplish goals one baby step at a time, my tendency is to push myself into taking big steps and then getting depressed when I feel paralyzed.     


Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

So when I felt that all-to-familiar funk begin to smolder inside around 3:00 pm, I decided to recount the baby steps I have made recently: tiny acts of forward motion that will propel my purposes forward in time.     

One of my recent baby steps was finishing the last piece to my first manuscript. My sister and I have been ruthlessly slashing the book even after I paid a professional editor. The content still seemed too large and the editor had suggested a radical reduction. Ironically, I had just pushed the save icon on my computer when my sister sent me a text:     

“Can you send me the manuscript so I can look over it one last time?”     

“Sweet!” I chuckled while sending the document to her.     

Another baby step was discovering that WordPress now has an eCommerce store plugin. This really excited me because I want to eventually sell my books and other creative pieces. I have been shopping around for an ecommerce website I could link to and there it was listed as one of the newer plugins (for you non-bloggers, these are wonderful features that enhance your blog).     

Not that I have anything to link yet, but the discovery fascinated me just the same. I have always liked “playing store,” as a child and as a grown up too.     

Other baby steps include reading how to write a nonfiction book proposal by Michael Larsen. Once again, I’m having that scary “How on earth can I scale that?” feeling resurface. It’s not just about writing the proposal, the true challenge lies in evaluating your entire life experience in order to determine your platform. This is a post all in itself, which I will explore in the future.     

El Capitan climbers in the Yosemite Valley, CA

So when I get scared at the next part of the writing challenge, I just have to remember that the quest is accomplished one baby step at a time!

9 Replies to “Baby Steps”

  1. I need to remember the baby steps, as well. I always tend to jump right in, full speed ahead and then wonder, why? Why did I start this without knowing??? Your post was very up lifting and a great reminder for me to remember the baby steps……


  2. I love that you referenced “What About Bob?” It’s a favorite of mine! Taking baby steps is so essential to reaching any big goal. You are on the right path!


  3. It is easy for me to simply tread water with life. Reading this post reminds me how important the small steps are and not to get lost in the big picture.

    I appreciate reading about your past accomplishments and the baby steps that are leading you forward to new achievements.

    Exciting stuff JoDee–thanks for sharing.


    1. You are so welcome! Funny thing, I read your posts and marvel over all you know and am amazed at your previous law enforcement experience. Your posts have truly inspired me to take more blogging risks and write openly and honestly.


  4. Yes, thanks again for reminding me as I count the months of my “rest time” and think “I have accomplished NOTHING”….when I am also just taking Baby Steps. B


  5. JoDee,

    What a treat to find your blog. I LOVE it!

    And “What About Bob?” is a favorite. Part of it was actually filmed not far from where I live. I love the part when he proclaims, “I”m sailing!” while being tied to the mast of the ship. LOL! But I’m like that too. Baby steppin…

    Yes, the fear of chapters, reading how-to-write non-fiction proposals, single mom – all familiar parts of my story as well.

    Great to connect here through High Calling Blogs!


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