#57 The Unpredictable Nature of my Blogging Destiny

“When God give you a new lease on life, build something beautiful!”  

Quests embody exploration, so I never enjoy the last page of an adventure novel. The story ends and only real life awaits the closing of the book cover. With this said, I decided to extend my In Search of my Blogging Identity Quest a little longer.  

Recently, a fellow blogger posted her favorite movies http://herdingcats2.blogspot.com/. Amanda’s  top pick, Forest Gump. I wrote the following comment:  

“Forest Gump is one of my top favorites. I often think about that floating feather and remember the unpredictable nature of destiny. This past teaching year was especially difficult and I kept finding feathers on my desk without a clue as to how they got there.”  


My blogging  quest has blown about much like that feather in Forest Gump’s remarkable journey. I began blogging with the idea of creating an artist’s blog but found my love of words, technology, and creativity coming together in a unique synergy. Blogging provided a way to express and organize all of those random ideas and images bumping around in my brain.  

In time, this blog had babies and even inspired some of my friends and family to join in with the fun. Recently, I renovated all of my self-hosted blogs. This first photo is the new Refrain from the Identical, a creativity website:  

Select this photo to visit the blog


I also decided to design a centralized blog that would serve as an index of my different websites and digital projects. Here is www.jodeeluna.com:  

Select this photo link to visit the http://www.jodeeluna.com


After interacting with Cheryl Smith from cultureSmith Consulting  and Dan King, Idea Camp  and  http://bibledude.net/, I have decided to fulfill a promise I made to God many years ago. This is quite the scary, bold move due to the personal nature of the material. http://ontatteredwings.wordpress.com/ is in her infancy stage. This blog will fill in the missing pieces of my personal history I have hidden away. My intent is to share my, as Twelve-Step recovery puts it, “experience, strength, and hope. “Any posts containing content related to someone else’s story are only shared with prior consent:  

Select the photo link to visit http://ontatteredwings.wordpress.com


Last but not least is a current project under way. I am converting my educational technology website into a self-hosted WordPress format. My hope is to encourage people to find their voice through digital choice. Whether students or adults, we can all contribute to the global discussion and make a difference by joining together:  

Select the photo link to visit http://jodeelunainnovations.com/


I invite you to visit my sites but most of all, discover your unique voice. Together we can make a difference.

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