Repose Country Style

Repose: calm, quiet, stop…ceasing from life’s have to’s; taking the time to reflect; spending time with life-long friends.

This is my personalized definition of repose. I need these times of removal from my typical life because they provide perspective. This week’s agenda? I’m visiting my best friend and her family in Colbert, Washington.

Indulge me as I take you into this magical land, like a Country Living magazine opened up and jumped into 3-D. This house is amazing, a modern country home with porches framing the front and the back.

Every room enchants me with its floral and plaid patterns dancing a two-step kind of harmony.

Solid oak flooring and handcrafted braided rugs provide a homey feel under bare toes. Last night we sat and chatted until after midnight with tummies tucked under the long oak dining room table.

The kitchen? A woman’s dream, whether or not she cooks. Marbled countertops mesmerize the eye and white cabinets come alive with lights setting decorative dishes on tiny stages.

 I write from the top story guest room window while gazing out onto the family’s white picket fence garden, and horses, and fluorescent green grassy fields.

This morning I awoke to absolute silence, a hush so penetrating and sure that it perplexed me. Not one tiny noise heard. So this is what serenity feels like? I thought. Funny, with all this stillness, I don’t have one more thing to write about. No mental clutter to clear, no emotions to muse over, nothing as sure and steady as the backdrop of pine trees stretching up into the morning sky. Nothing as beautiful as the sun streaming through branches.

10 Replies to “Repose Country Style”

  1. Quiet cannot be overstated; that’s when I am most content and at peace with myself and my world. That’s when our Father’s still, small voice penetrates and encourages, when I can see most clearly with my mind’s eye.

    Thanks for the visit! Give Barbie a hug from me.


    1. Once again, your comments are blog post worthy all on their own. Oh what a way you have with words, Linda. I understand what you said about quiet. I stand outside of Barbie’s house and listen to the sound of silence. Something magical to be sure.

      I love the contrasts you present in terms of freedom’s cost: responsibility, honor, respect. So true, so true. May I one day reconcile these opposites and find ongoing peace.


    1. I cannot believe this kitchen. Every moment spent in this house is like being on a holiday with “Life Styles of the Rich and Famous.” Thanks for your “enjoy” comment and I am.


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