In Honor of those suffering from human trafficking…

We can change the future if we seek to understand the past.

This thinking inspired my daughter, Elya, to write her Senior Global Studies Thesis titled, 

Sex in the Company of Soldiers

The Role of Japan’s Comfort System and U.S. Military Prostitution in the Development of Eastern Asia’s Contemporary Sex Industry

Her research exposes Japan’s use of “comfort women” as sex slaves, prostitution and American military bases,  and how these practices contributed to the present day sex industry.

As I read her thesis, I could not help but think about my own precious daughters enduring such horrors. The reality of how many people still suffer from sex slavery today is shocking.

You can read the entire thesis at  

This following is a link to UCLA International Institute, which featured her thesis and award

I also want to thank Dan King, Charles Lee, and all of those commited to finding ways to bring about social change through Idea Camp, nonprofit organizations, and blogging. 

You can find out more about #ICSEX (or The Idea Camp) Sex Slavery Week, using the following link

5 Replies to “In Honor of those suffering from human trafficking…”

  1. Your daughter has done some amazing work in this area JoDee, and I appreciate you sharing it here. It’s really interesting to see how the military has been such a strong influence on the sex industry in Asia. Having served in the military in Asia, I can definitely see how targeted and in demand it is there.

    I believe that would be a tough culture to change. But in the words of TobyMac… “If we gotta start somewhere, why not here.” I don’t think that we can expect others to change unless we are doing whatever we can right where we are at. That’s why I love working on blogging projects like this one! It’s a beautiful thing when people in the church collectively stand up and share what God has put on their hearts!

    Thank you for participating in this blogging series!


    1. Dan, I whole-heartedly agree with you. By collaborating, we can make a difference. I shudder knowing that children and women are currently enslaved. May we work together as if each one was our own daughter or son! It is a priviledge to support your amazing work!


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