Writers: Gardeners of the Soul

Recently, I visited Sarah Heden’s blog and read her pensive words, so timely for my personal experience as a writer aspiring to publish:

“The process of creating, whether it be art, music, poetry, or story, requires a certain amount of bravery.  Bravery to look yourself in the eye and acknowledge the weakest parts of yourself.  But also the courage to understand that from those weakest parts stems the power to create something that will truly leave your personal mark on the world. Because there is, and will always be, only one you!”


Each one of us is unique and beautiful!

Her words took my breath away. Although I extracted this paragraph from the post’s mid-section, she begins the piece by explaining how she deals with insecurity over her writing, 

“Mine is writing the sentence that everyone will remember, the story everyone will love, the commentary that makes everyone laugh.”

I related with Sarah’s vivid descriptions explaining the essential role that vulnerability in writing requires. I well understand those icky feelings when I expose my underbelly in hopes that someone will relate to my honest renditions and mushy sentiments. So I replied to Sarah’s post with the following,

“I enjoyed your honesty and share your sentiments. Writing rewards me with an abundance of processing opportunities and yet sharing something so personal always evokes an initial insecurity in me. Thank you for forming my feelings into words I could read. You possess a gift honed through hard work!”

Like gardening, writing takes work yet yields the most fragrant and beautiful prose

Entering this world of blogging is merely a recent expression of writing for me. For over thirty years, writing has rewarded me with an abundance of processing opportunities that filled journals now stacked in a large filing cabinet.

A trusty, lifelong friend, writing provided the means to release what would surely have caused me to go crazy. This practice helped guide me into self-discovery and the pursuit of destiny. Writing planted seeds of hope into the soil of my heart when growing seemed impossible due to the surrounding darkness.

I am forever grateful for this trusty friend, writing, and for those, like Sarah, who possess her splendor. Those willing to risk self-esteem so others can benefit. These gifted wordsmiths are truly gardeners of the soul.

Writers: Gardeners of the Soul

4 Replies to “Writers: Gardeners of the Soul”

  1. Yup. This piece hit the nail on the head for me. Sometimes I have a voice that says “Who do think you are? You sure someone’s going to read this stuff? You sure it’s not corny?”

    Quite frankly, I’m not sure of anything, but the goal is always to keep going forward and follow my heart…and go with the gut. Writing is all about having faith. If our work doesn’t touch someone today maybe it will tomorrow.



    1. …and in the process, writing changes us. For me, this is the core of why I spent countless hours engaged in what has truly become a lifeline for my soul. Shelly, thank you for joining in with the conversation. You expressed what so many of us struggle with on a daily basis. I greatly appreciate your simple yet profound awareness that directs you,

      “I’m not sure of anything, but the goal is always to keep going forward and follow my heart…and go with the gut. Writing is all about having faith. If our work doesn’t touch someone today maybe it will tomorrow.”

      Wow! These words truly express the mystery, heart, and soul of the craft!


  2. I have to say I share the same feelings about journaling. I know that through my life pured out into my jurnals helped me to walk through each circumstance with a renewed hope. I was able to bare my soul and pour out my heart in a way that I never would have been able to. Someetimes the words pale in comparison to what I am trying to say but once i’ve written down it makes the situation more palatable.

    I think your blog will encourage many people to use their pen to paper in releasing alot of pent up emotion. You have a gifted style in the way you address your reader. Sweetness oozes from your sentences that engulf and encourage. I wish you well in your endeavor. I am looking forward to reading more of yur blogs so if you can email them to me…Thank you and God Bless you and yuor writing.



    1. Charlene,

      Thank you for sharing your personal experience. I love your description of how journal writing helps you to “walk through each circumstance with a renewed hope.” Your insights so poetically expressed communicated the heart of my blog post from a unique perspective. I instantly knew you understood.


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