Refocusing your Dreams

Every morning, I find the need to return to a quiet place. During this undisturbed repose, I write my thoughts until the mental dross floats to the top. Then I skim it off by replacing worthless distractions with positive steps.

With the abundance of aspirations I have, these early morning appointments with my Creator and myself prove invaluable. Self-reflection seems even more important during the holiday season when events multiply and time shrinks. Add to this, a busy career that often burns up my mental and emotional reserves.

Just this morning, I told me husband,

“You know, normal life drains so much of our energy that moving our dreams forward takes an extra effort.”

He answered, “Ya, the couch gets more appealing as I age.”

In spite of my husband and my desire to lounge, we continue to design a business plan with short-range (the next year) and long-range goals (3-5 years). Yet, even planning can become an activity that eats up our time when we generate more projects than we can humanly complete. My work alcoholic tendency enhances those times of solitude. I stop to enjoy a sunset and remember to refocus my dreams on the people and priorities that I deem most important.

Writing sessions also soothe my insatiable need to create. I have a tendency to spend far too much time imagining what could be instead of focusing on what I really need to do next in order to make my dreams come true. Therefore, writing helps me to decide what practical steps will give my dreams hands and feet to go with the wings. I’m discovering that making dreams come true takes a whole lot of running before lift off is possible.

Another major distraction is digital input. Our technology-driven culture pulls at our attention like impatient children on their mother’s skirt. As much as technology intrigues me (and anyone who knows me will tell you this is a whole lot) time for personal refection will always include a spiral notebook and a Pental R.S.V.P. pen. (I don’t know why I have to write with this particular brand of pen. We artistic types have some strange rituals and preferences). And…lots of refocused dreams.

So there you have it, simple and doable. Set aside an early morning time, or whenever your brain is the most fresh, and write to purge your soul, clear your mind, and refocus your dreams. In time, the rewards will be plentiful and your imagined aspirations will have enough forward motion for liftoff.

19 Replies to “Refocusing your Dreams”

  1. Love it. Such good thoughts, so much truth. But for me, it’s Moleskine notebooks and Pilot gel pens or Bic disposable pencils, depending on the topic of the notebook. Oh yes, the rituals . . . 😉


    1. Dianne,

      What is a Moleskine notebook? I’ve never heard of this and you have me intrigues.
      Also, you know all the work I did fixing up my art room? I thought you would appreciate the fact that I just completely cleaned it out so my daughter can move back in. How ironic, huh?


    1. William,

      I’m so excited to find another Pental RSVP lover. What is it about that pen? If I can’t find mine, I get all wiggy. I even had my husband buy me an entire pack of them so I will never be without. Thanks for sharing your…uh hum…pen passion.


    2. Shelly, and as always…I appreciate your positive comments. I write these pieces and after posting think, “Did that make any sense?” It sure is reaffirming to receive comments letting me know someone got it. Thanks.


    1. Thanks for the encouraging comment, slamdunk. I like the “…one step at a time…” motto. I’m also glad you enjoyed my son’s safari pics. He is living the dream, and I am living vicariously through his adventures.


    1. Sidebar Review, what got me hooked on writing every morning was Julia Cameron’s book The Right to Write. She explained how difficult it would be for the first three weeks but if you persist, the flow of creativity would start. I’m such a literalist that I did it religiously and she was soooo right. I’m addicted now.


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