My Blogging Mom

It’s so fun having a blogging mom. Yes, that’s right! Grandma has her own blog. She approached me last September with a request, “JoDee, I think I want to have a blog. Can you help me?”

Now how could I say no. So I drove out to my folks’ home, and we busied ourselves, me teaching Grandma to blog and Grandma scaling the steepest technology learning curve she’d ever attempted. The first few posts went fine and then all blogging came to a screeching halt. Two months passed and I figured she’d had enough.

Then yesterday I received the following Facebook message (Imagine that, your Mother contacts you through Facebook instead of by phone).

So I called her and tried to talk her through the process for the umpteenth time. She wasn’t in front of her computer because my Dad just had shoulder surgery and she figured, “Well Dad needs to play his games online to keep distracted from his pain.”

“Mom, you’re going to have to get by your computer so I can reteach you how to upload your pictures and blog post.”

“That’s ok. Just explain it to me again.” She said.

Now I figured that would never work, even though I obediently fulfilled her request. Yet to my amazement. this morning I awoke to find another Facebook message


Grandma’s Facebook Message

I chuckled and smiled while formatting her photos and checking her rough draft post for editing errors. “Well all be,” I mumbled, “Grandma’s blogging again.”

Check out her priceless Christmas post at

9 Replies to “My Blogging Mom”

    1. slamdunk, my Mom is definitely a patient woman. She tries so hard to master technology, and I get so tickled when she comes up with her ideas for posts and poems. She’s a treasure. Thanks for visiting her blog. She was so excited to read your comment and then asked, “How do I answer him?”


  1. One year my Mom kept bragging about how I had got her a VD for Christmas.

    We were close, but not that close, she meant DVD… I hope.

    The wheel was about the only technology my Mom mastered, she wouldn’t approve of blogging.

    I think I might steal your idea and open an on-line church, thank you.

    But that’s not really why I’m here… it is with great pleasure do I make this announcement…

    You’ve been nominated for Blogger of the Month. For details check out and encourage your viewers to vote for you!!!


    1. Robblogger,

      What an honor! Thank you very much and you may steal my cyber church idea…or perhaps they exist and we know not of them. I will feature your blogger-of-month awards on my next post.


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