Find your Voice

I gently prop my first mixed media art piece against the wall next to where I write. I smile. My first attempt at this art form pleases me, just as a child’s awkward ballet performance elicits a mother’s delight. The piece squeals “gaudy, flamboyant, Phantom of the Opera-like,” but I don’t mind. The feelings that inspired the attempt have been cocooned for a very long time. You can read the entire post on my creativity website, “Find your Voice.”

5 responses to “Find your Voice

    • flyinggma, thank you so much for the encouraging comment. I decided to make the piece without analyzing what went where so it’s encouraging to hear that it did blend together.

  1. Beautiful! Outspoken. Colorful. Great message! I like the butterfly with a golden jet stream! And the flair of the wispy yellow feather and the contrast of black ribbon. I can hear the voice of excitement as the song pours over the canvas. Simply gorgeous, JoDee!

    • Carol Ann, you made my day with your detailed comment. In fact, I bet you’d be very good at mixed media art because you have an eye for detail. I also like what you wrote, “I can hear the voice of excitement as the song pours over the canvas.” I never looked at my voice consisting of the excitement that pours forth over the canvas. I love your way with words.

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