Little Sis Turns 50

My little sister, Gina, turned 50 and the family met in Las Vegas to celebrate. I can’t believe the years have flown by like they have.

Susan, Me, and Gina (the birthday girl)

I’m believing for Gina’s artistic desires to come true this year. What a wonderful gift she is to me. Happy birthday Sis!

6 Replies to “Little Sis Turns 50”

  1. Please wish Gina a happy birthday for me.
    I was able to see Dr. D while traveling. Great fun. She misses students, but not the rest. Retirement agrees with her.


    1. Penelope, I sure will. Please pass on my greetings to Dr. Doyle when you talk to her again. I’m envious of her retirement perks. Both of you helped to form Gina and my educational philosophies and practices. We are extremely grateful.


    1. Thanks to all who sent me birthday wishes. I told JoDee, “It’s a good thing I’m not lying about my age because the cats out of the bag now.” Oh well, turning 50 is ok when surrounded by my sisters. -Gina


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