Create and Live Imperfectly…thoughts on Self-publishing, Marriage, and Life

How fitting that I begin a new writing journal on my 9-year anniversary. This day also marks the completion of the preliminary book section submissions to Createspace. I’ve completed all of the questionnaires for the Createspace design teams: interior design, cover design, and media press release. I never dreamed there would be so many pieces to the puzzle. I’ve even played around with some possible designs while I wait for the professionals to create a cover. What do you think? 

Next comes the marketing plan, which I’ve already begun a year and a half ago when I designed, the name of my book. Now I wait for the interior and cover design teams to prepare mock-ups for me to view. 

In scripture, the number 9 symbolizes fruitfulness. This year resembles a pregnancy of sorts. A book that grew inside of me for years now nears its arrival. My anticipation builds like a new mother who waits for her baby’s birth. 

I’m well aware that I’m blinded to my book’s imperfections. As my cousin, Clay, says, “We don’t know what we don’t know.”

Yet, I welcome my book with eyes that see its beauty and a heart full of love for my creation, regardless of whether it embodies the qualities I aspired to reach. 

Isn’t this the beauty of creativity and life? We create and live imperfectly and yet our Creator smiles at our heartfelt efforts. He graces us with strength when we lack what it takes to reach up towards the destiny He envisions for us. Like a child attempting to grasp a playground bar, He lifts us up so we can hold on and even sway. 

Today my husband and I celebrate 9 years of marriage. Our love deepens by the day and yet rests in its incompleteness. We strive to build a happy life together and make our children and families a priority. And like my book that is soon to be born, we create and live imperfectly. 

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