“Blog that awareness girl!” – Gina Wilson

My family loves nicknames, and my brother possesses an uncanny knack for creating them. Here are a few of his favorites:

  • Eight Ball-my sister’s nickname when we were kids. None of us have a clue how he came up with this one.
  • Bodeen the Gospel Queen-my nickname when I was a missionary.
  • Jo Saggy Diapers for my son Josiah
  • Little Bird-the name he gave Elya, my daughter, when she was a little girl. The disturbing part is that he sang the following song to her as well:

“A little bird with a yellow bill landed on my window sill. I coaxed him in with a piece of bread and then I smashed his furry head.”

Say what? I’ll never forget the look of shock on her face. She’s still trying for figure out what that song has to do with her uncle’s nickname for her.

Geoff, Elya, and Jon

Although my family generated most of our nicknames, others originated from people outside of our family. My husband is “Bubba” because at his sister’s wedding, a southern preacher found out he was from Texas and extended his hand with a hearty, “Well hello Bubba.”

But the recent family favorite is my sister’s latest nickname for me. She shared some profound insight with me and followed it up with, “Blog that awareness girl!” We looked at each other and broke out laughing.
Gina and Me
So now I’m “Awareness Girl.” It kind of has a ring to it, don’t you think? 

12 Replies to ““Blog that awareness girl!” – Gina Wilson”

  1. I think it’s a great name. I gave my kids nicknames sometimes: my daughter – Pip; son – Sport. I don’t know why. Some people just like nicknames, I suppose.


  2. You forgot “Jean Bean”
    Barb Larb
    Little bubba (I never knew how “Bubba” started! I just knew that Jonathan ended up as lil bubba after our Calif. trip to see you!) LOL


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