Sweet Summertime

Life speeds by at an alarming rate. Good times dissipate into memories like water splashed on hot asphalt. Yet before they do, a magic exists that feels like the touch of eternity.

The setting sun sinks behind craggy mountains, the tops of which paint an amber line between grey rock and blue sky.

In the heavens, a full moon appears behind misty clouds.

The eight of us, my husband, three of our children, and their sweethearts, float on rippling waters in our white Chaparral ski boat. We sing along with the words of “American Honey” by Lady Antebellum. The melody swirls with the melodic rocking of the boat:

There’s a wild, wild whisper
Blowing in the wind.
Calling out my name like a long-lost friend
Oh I miss those days as the years go by
Nothing’s sweeter than summer time
And American honey

Bare toes rest on bow’s edge and bob up and down with the song’s beat and the water’s movement. We have no agenda, no purpose for the moment except to enjoy one another and this magical evening out on the Colorado River.

The warm breeze plays with hair as heads rest together and gaze into the heavens in search of shooting stars. I look at each couple and smile. This truly is American honey, I muse.

“This looks like the love boat.” I quip. I can hear their giggles.

Moonlight streams around silhouettes, creating a magical glow. The full moon provides a heavenly street light. I try to capture the moment but the lighting is not enough for the camera lens. Two jump into the river and their heads bob in the dancing moonlight, reflecting off the rippling water.

My husband refuses to head towards the boat dock. “Let’s stay out here longer.” He leans back in his seat and props his feet up on a cushion. I know we will never forget this night. The peacefulness will forever etch “The Perfect Summer” in our hearts and minds. I want to freeze time and my heart aches because I can’t.

No one cares about a formal dinner; we’ve munched on cheese, lunchmeat, and crackers. We just want to savor the moments that dissipate into memories while we sing American honey.

Get caught in the race
Of this crazy life
Trying to be everything can make you lose your mind
I just wanna go back in time
To American honey, yea


11 Replies to “Sweet Summertime”

  1. Sweet, serene summer moments… time does fly faster and faster, doesn’t it? But to spend a few of these precious moments with those who are special to us makes all the speed of days worth the efforts of slowing them down.


    1. Reflections, what a beautifully written comment. This is my favorite part, “But to spend a few of these precious moments with those who are special to us makes all the speed of days worth the efforts of slowing them down.” I love this!


  2. Such a beautiful tribute to slowing down and enjoying life. It’s a good lesson for me – I have been wanting to go to the beach all summer and haven’t made the time to do it. Thank you for the reminder. Beautiful words – beautiful photos.


  3. What a perfect description of what my summer has been! Part of it spent with “you” my friend! It has all gone way to fast. However I love what Reflection says “makes all the speed of days worth the efforts of slowing them down.” I also love this! B


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