“Self-Publishing — I’m not alone” by Christine M. Grote

Recently, one of my blogging friends, Christine M. Grote, asked if she could feature my self-publishing journey on her blog. This morning she sent me the link to her post. When I read through the entries, I cried.

There was something powerful about having my self-publishing history laid out before me. When I realized how far I’d come, it released so many emotions, one of which was a sense of amazement. It felt good to see that I had accomplished so much. I also thought about the magic that happens when you join others’ along their self-publishing paths. You find people, like Christine, who understand the challenges and work towards the rewards. Christine, thank you for your continued encouragement.

Am I still scared every time the next step in the process presents itself? You bet I am. Yet when I reread how far I’d come, a twinge of courage lit me up once again. Below is the beginning of her post and a link to her website where you can follow my self-publishing journey:

I haven’t been able to give you an update on my self-publishing progress in a while, and I still can’t today. I am in a holding pattern while I wait for design work to be completed. I hope to be able to share my cover design with you soon.

Instead of writing about my progress, or lack of, I decided to write about the progress of one of my blogging buddies. JoDee Luna writes a blog at JoDeeLuna.wordpress.com.  She is an educator, a writer, and artist, and an extremely creative individual. She calls herself a creative eclectic and has written a book entitled Refrain from the Identical that she is in the process of self-publishing. READ THE ENTIRE POST…

4 Replies to ““Self-Publishing — I’m not alone” by Christine M. Grote”

  1. I’m sorry I made you cry. Yours is a great success story. I envy your energy sometimes.

    I’m going to drink a toast to you when your book goes public. I’ll be right behind.


    1. Christine, no apologies needed. Those were good tears…tears of gratefulness for all I”ve powered through. I’ll be drinking that toast with you and then I say we enjoy another round when you publish.


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