Equity Rescuing: Pushing Towards Completion

I’m a lover of projects. As a creative eclectic in pursuit of various art forms, I get soul satisfaction from diverse challenges such as creating a mixed media collage piece, writing a book chapter, or inserting just the right photos into a blog post. For me, creative growth often occurs when I set aside time and mental energy and actually finish something.

For example, my first book project has stretched into five years of writing, editing, and submitting. Each portion inches me towards my goal; yet, this extensive undertaking takes persistence. The rigor pulls me like taffy between two revolving metal bars. It stretches my comfort zone and enlarges my capacity. When I want to give up, my sister’s words come to mind, “Equity rescuing.”

I admit she often uses this phrase in reference to unhealthy relationships you stay in too long because of the time you’ve invested; like the equity in your home that you don’t want to lose by bailing out of the mortgage. You keep trying to make it work so you won’t feel the pain of all your hard work flushing down the relationship toilet. Yet if the relationship is worth saving, equity rescuing can motivate you push through the hard stuff. READ THE ENTIRE POST…

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