Embrace the Solitude, Enlarge your Soul

This morning the house quiets with a soul penetrating solitude that is my only companion. The Christmas lights twinkle atop garland-adorned windows.

White sparkles wrap around trees and twinkle through tiny house windows that line the shelf. 

The only sound I hear is the wall clock’s pendulum, swinging and clicking melodious tones. I’m alone, without the breath of another human being close by. 

Most of the time I welcome the solitude, like a dear, old friend who sits beside me and doesn’t speak.

I open my mind to possibilities with whispered prayers: “Lord, what do you would you have me to do? What would make you smile?” Often the only answer that comes is more solitude. But occasionally, an idea lights my pen on fire, and I write to extinguish the flame. 

In fact, most of my paintings, writings, and websites were fashioned in times of solitude. 

Yes, the writer’s journey will include times of quiet when embracing solitude is not easy. Loneliness will permeate until you feel its fist grab your heart. Yet, the squeeze that comes from facing your fears of being alone conjures up human potential. Mix this with God’s grace and empowerment and you have a world-changing combination. 

So, the next time you sit alone, whisper, “Lord, what would make you smile?” Then as you go about your day, be mindful of grace coming your way. You never know whose life you’ll touch with a simple greeting, kind word, or scribbled note of encouragement thought up when you sat in silence.

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