Organize your Creative Space

I’ve been on a quest to organize my creative space—the reclaimed art room now mine, once again, since my daughter moved out, once again. I wanted to rekindle my artistic desires, but my art room languished in clutter. So I set out to clean up the mess and embark on a redecorating adventure.

My creative space has to call to me, inspire flights of fancy, and create a melodious mood. It needs to release my inner child to play and to dream.

My former artist’s loftsported a French theme. The sassy red and yellow walls lined with masquerade masks empowered my courage and sparked my muse.

Yet this redecorating project whispered, “Vintage, feminine, crèmes, whites, and buttercup yellow.” I had this overwhelming desire for a quaint hutch, shabby chic table, and cubbies for art supplies.

So I set out on a series of treks to hunt down my envisioned supplies. I even bought “Where Women Create” by Stampington & Company’s Somerset Studio. I poured over the pages and drank in the creative spaces of other women who’d somehow pushed through with their decorating projects.

I knew the room needed to double as a guest room for homecoming children so I bought a new quilt for the trundle bed.

I put my art table back into the room and bought an art supply organizer at Michaels (on sale for 40% off).

I placed my art supplies on the back of my art table so they would be within reach.

Now my art table is a pleasant place where I can sit down and create.

Although the wall décor isn’t finished, I just had to put up my mixed media piece, “Oh to be Queen,” to remind me that in this room, my artistic self can reign.

Oh to be Queen Framed

So now that I’ve had a bit of redecorating success, I encourage you to take the time to organize your creative space. I know that you will be glad, and more productive, if you prepare a place where you can do what you love.

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