The Seed of Faith

Quite unexpectedly, the seed of faith arrived. First through an email, “Someone has followed your Pinterest boards.” I clicked on her name and entered an enchanting land of all that I loved.

Her tastes in everything from fantasy kitchens and garden delights to mixed media art and teaching posters mesmerized me because it was as if she’s entered my brain and plucked my thoughts ripe from the branch.

Her boards drew me into her collected world. I marveled over her selection of antique store photos and sighed, I also love to peruse antique stores. I drank in photos of vintage furniture and mused, I want a dresser like that.

I even shared some of the photos with my husband. “Look at this. Isn’t this garden nook enchanting?” He pulled his gaze away from a television program to study the photo. His eyes lingered longer than I had hoped for, and he smiled.

Then I returned to the ominous task of sorting through 4,000 emails that had backed up in my inbox. As I scrolled down the unending line, there it was. A subheading that caught my breath, “Looking for Inspiration.”

I noticed the sender’s name was the same as the woman who had created the Pinterest boards. I couldn’t open the email fast enough, and then my eyes devoured the message:

“Although I wrote “looking for inspiration” as my subject line, I’m not really sure what I’m looking for.  I happened upon your website today by googling “mixed media remembering my daughter”.  You see today is the 6th anniversary of my beautiful daughter leaving this world to be with Jesus.  She was 19 when she passed away after an auto accident.  She had planned to enter the ministry in some way.

God has blessed me during these past 6 years with His comfort as well as a new career as a 5th grade teacher.  My younger daughter is engaged to be married to a youth minister in July so He has blessed our family there as well.

I love to write though I don’t do it often.  I also love mixed media art, collage, rubberstamping, everything vintage and just crafts in general.  I really don’t consider myself an artist although it has always been a dream.  I think I lack the creativity and artistic eye.  I spend most of my time collecting things or buying things hoping to actually “create” but very little time is actually spent in my studio.  I would really like to create something or things that would maybe help with my healing but I think fear stands in my way.

Again, I’m not sure what I’m looking for or why I am emailing you but I really liked your website and plan to spend more time on it.  Thank you for your ministry. —Meschill Billington

A kindred spirit, I thought. Tears welled up inside and lodged in my throat. She gets me. We’ve both sipped bitter gall from life’s goblet.

Her words written from a vulnerable heart invited me into something even she was not certain about—openness and honesty, an extended hand of friendship, artistic exploration?

She offered the seed of faith to me on an open palm. I related to her heart’s cry for something more—the power to push through with art as a means of processing residual pain.

I know what it’s like to face fear every time I sit down and stare at a prospective art project before me. I thought. I understand how difficult it is to process my painful past through writing or art. Her story resonated with me because I connected on several levels. I also have two daughters, am a teacher, and adore creativity.

I, then, crafted a disjointed email to send back to her.

As I pushed the send icon, my heart raced with hope that our interaction would continue. This mysterious woman’s soul reminded me of a deep, dark pool of swirling water found in the swell of a river. I could not resist the urge to jump in.

She had given me the seed of faith, and I could feel the journey inside of me as it wound its way to my heart. In an instant, this mother’s story, like a crusty shell, had cracked open. The heart-wrenching account of her daughter’s untimely death stirred tears that watered the new sprout. Tendrils of faith found their way to my soul.

One never knows when, where, or how the seed will arrive. Yet when we consume the experience, faith, and strength of another, the seed begins its journey in us. Blossoms of hope unfurl their velvety petals and the fruit of eternal life forms on the vine.

In time, we see the fruit mature and form new seeds. When we pass these seeds on to others, the journey begins once again.

Such is the mystery of faith.

Such is the power of fellowship.

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