Broken Promises

Whether we live in realms of realism or dally in make-believe, broken promises snap off the tender twigs of trust we extend to ourselves and to others:

  • We promise ourselves that we will stop our addictive behavior, and yet we continue.
  • We promise ourselves that we will leave that abusive relationship, and yet we stay.
  • We promise ourselves that we will pursue the art calling to our soul, and yet we dally our days away.

Broken promises.

  • Others promise to stay forever, and yet they leave.
  • Others promise to help us grow, and yet they neglect.
  • Others promise to be fair, and yet they betray.

Broken promises

Although they might be irretrievable as living expressions for this lifetime, we can craft them into something beautiful—a remembrance. As we admire our art, we remember the One who gifted our hands to form something of permanence from disappointment. He is the One who never leaves us and always remains faithful to His word.

Yes, broken promises are a very real part of life. Yet, those who create art from their severed twigs will release healing to other souls.

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