The Gift of the Artistic

The artistic are gifts for humankind. They are light bearers among us.

They are light bearers among us. They show us the way through creative expression:

  • Wrap truth with words
  • Paint the imagined so we can see
  • Sculpture an idea so we can touch

Artistic expression also unveils the dark side of human nature:

  • Shattered visages of what God intended people to be revealed on canvas
  • The heart’s cry fleshed out in song
  • Passions we often entertain but rarely dare to admit exposed in poems

Recently, my artistic daughter, Elya, posted a poem “Why I’m a Player.” Her candid honesty about her competitive nature reels the reader in. We read and relate to her admissions. And in doing so, find it a bit easier to deal with our own.

This morning I wondered why the pursuit of art is so important to me. After all, I could spend a whole lot more time marketing my new book instead of trying to oil paint. The first would make me money but the later brings me joy.

Yet when all is said and done for the day, I peek into my art room and look longingly at my latest project. I know I’ll spend hours layering paint until my soul is satisfied. And just perhaps in doing so, my best friend will pick up a paintbrush and return to her childhood passion.

Who can put a price tag on something so precious?

Yes, the artistic are a gift for humankind. I invite you do join in.






3 Replies to “The Gift of the Artistic”

  1. Thank you so much JoDee 🙂 .
    The angel is wonderful. I read two names; did you draw this together? What a great way to create and share.


    1. Yes, I drew the angel and my sister, Gina, added the color. That was back when I was afraid of color…but not anymore :). My sister and I have quite a few joint projects. I’ll have to post some of them soon.


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