Aligning your Creative Compass

“Wonderfully written words and I totally relate to the Creative Eclectic thing. Is it a curse or a gift? It really doesn’t matter because for those of us who are afflicted with it, it is not a matter of choice.”

I love this quote artspiritvillage left on my blog. The artist who commented found the words to describe the dilemma of creative eclectics everywhere.

Chapter 2 of my book, Aligning your Creative Compass, helps the reader to reconnect with his or her creative core. When we retrace our creative history, we become aware of the people and situations that contributed to our unique personalities. This process creates an acceptance of our scattered natures.

Our internal compass directs us to follow our unique path of artistry. The following pen and ink, created by Gina M. Wilson (my sister), begins Chapter 2 to provide a visual of what it might look like to follow your heart’s compass. READ THE ENTIRE POST…

5 Replies to “Aligning your Creative Compass”

  1. Thanks for the credit and link, I can use all the help I can get. Well, gotta get busy uploading video, writing blog posts, tweeting, facebooking and…..whew..I really just want to paint. 🙂


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