True Confessions Of A Creative Eclectic

An outdoor enthusiast/artist/video production company owner shares his delightful story of how JoDee Luna’s term, creative eclectic, helped him to identify his affliction:

Where was I when they passed out the roadmaps to creative success?  If that happened in Art School, I missed it because I was in the other building learning about statistics, debits and credits.  I’m not complaining.  In fact I feel fortunate that I wasn’t programmed with artistic shortcuts and principles as I was in business school. “Pick one thing that you like, do it well and you will succeed.”  The next time somebody hears me give that advise to one of my kids, I hope they slap me because I wouldn’t be walking the talk.  At times I feel so scattered, I don’t know what to do next.

As a blogger, I spend a lot of time reading the posts of others, looking for insights and inspiration.  Last week I read a post by JoDee Luna, the author of an innovative book called Refrain From The IdenticalAlmost immediately, I picked up on her description of the “Creative Eclectic” and I knew that she had coined a name for my affliction. READ THE ENTIRE POST…

2 Replies to “True Confessions Of A Creative Eclectic”

  1. Thanks JoDee, I feel re-energized and re-committed to blogging thanks to you. Too much of the time I feel like I am living and working in isolation from the world. These kinds of connections in the blogging community validate my efforts and make me feel as though I’m associated with a great mastermind. Keep up the good work.


    1. You are so welcome, and I must thank you as well. Your post delighted me on so many levels. The obvious being your appreciation of what it means to be a creative eclectic. Aside from your engaging wit, you expressed what so many creative eclectics struggle with and yet fail to push through in doing. The pursuit of one’s dream. WOW! That is amazing, regardless of any monetary value you may or may not realize at this point. I am also enthralled by the beauty you enjoy in Colorado. I was fortunate to have enjoyed a week in Colorado last summer. I’ve included the link here


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