An Ache to Paint

Sunday evening before I drifted off to sleep, I had a scene from the movie, “The Notebook,” in my mind. In this scene, the main character, Allie, is sitting in the art studio that Noah, her lover, designed with her in mind. Joy radiates from her face as she holds a paintbrush to the canvas. Her sense of purpose from painting emanates from her entire being.

As I envisioned this poignant scene in which she connects with her true self, I cried. I cried because a longing to paint welled up deep inside of me until my emotions could not contain the force. I cried because I longed to paint, to create, in my own art studio where I can develop as an artist. As I wept, I imagined a time when nothing else would matter, when I entered my studio and brushed paint across the canvas. READ THE ENTIRE POST…

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