Follow your Creative Rainbow

The quandary of us creative eclectics is the multiplicity of our artistic desires. The white light of what we love to do fractures into a rainbow of possibilities.

We embrace life in so many forms, such as writing, painting, antiquing, and traveling.

Perhaps our career presents creative opportunities to form innovative products or services. Whatever the case might be, often our creative rhythms take us away from our paintbrushes or scrapbook supplies for weeks on end.

I say we do not judge ourselves too harshly during these artistically dry times when our art rooms rest still, and our supplies lay untouched. This just means that our minds are conjuring up other endeavors. Perhaps we’re joining our family and friends for outings. Maybe we’re babysitting grand babies, inspiring them to paint, or creating with an artist in the making.

Maybe a new career focus requires our mental energy and so we just don’t have the hutzpah to begin a new art project.

Remember to rest your heightened sense of artistic guilt during these times of rainbow living. I can assure you that the desire to paint or draw will revisit you once again. Flow with your creative rhythms. Follow your creative rainbow.

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