A Life Cleanse

“I need a life cleanse.”

My sister’s words caught my attention. Our discussion had begun with the topic of juice cleanses to eliminate body toxins, and then we’d moved on to removing obstacles to our creativity. Both of us had found ourselves drowning in a sea of requests, events, and requirements.

We’d complained about the accumulated clutter in our art rooms, homes, and classrooms. So our conversation had transformed into a “Let’s do something about this,” mode when Gina sighed and said, “I need a life cleanse.”

I’ve thought about her words ever since because her expression provided me with a name for my recent life theme of cleaning out:

Body Cleanse

I’ve started to transform the way I eat. Part of this new nutritional plan includes body cleanses, plant-based protein powder, and healthy eating. This is a difficult cleanse for me to do because I’m from an Italian family that enjoys our pasta, desserts, and indulgences.

House Cleanse

My husband and I are going through one section of our home every weekend to purge possessions. READ THE ENTIRE POST…

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